How long does permanent makeup last?

Permanent makeup typically last 1 to 5 years depending on the original color used. The color will soften and fade overtime. The darker the color the longer it will last. Natural, delicate colors are oftentimes more vulnerable to the effects of sun, swimming and breakdown by the body. How long it last, varies from person to person due to ones natural elements, sun exposure, tanning beds, life style, sweating, and anti-agin cream. As you become accustomed to your new makeup, it's not uncommon to want more. You will want to freshen up your new makeup every couple of years. It is recommended to get a color boost to freshen up your Permanent Makeup in order to maintain its natural look every year and a half for Hairstroke eyebrows, and every couple of years for all other Permanent Makeup Procedures.


Can I remove the permanent makeup if I change my mind?

Because it's easy to add color and difficult to take away, it is important be conservative in the initial application of your new color. Take advantage of the consultation to discuss your wants and needs. It's also time where you and your technician choose the right colors and discuss any special requests you may have. Your cooperation will largely determine the end result of your procedure. Remember it is a team effort!


What if I've had plastic or laser surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is desirable for many reasons. It's best to complete your surgery before having your makeup applied. Laser surgery or resurfacing may result in color loss or darkening of your makeup depending on the laser and the colors in your skin. Advise your
laser surgeon that you have permanent cosmetics so that he or she can perform a "spot test" before they proceed. If either cosmetic surgery or laser causes color loss, your technician can replace the color. Your technician can discuss complications of cosmetic tattoos.


Can I get it cheaper elsewhere?

Remember the saying, "You get what you pay for...". It saves you money and embarrassment to do it right the first time! You are investing in your face. To correct bad work can be costly and in some cases it may not be fixable.

What is permanent makeup?

Permanent cosmetic makeup is the art and science of implanting color into your skin. It is putting the right color in the right place so you can look better naturally. Specialized instruments allow your practitioner to place color into the layer of the skin known as the dermis. Because the outermost layer of skin, the epidermis, is always shedding and renewing itself, you are looking at color through a thin veil of skin. When your procedure is completed, the color will appear darker than the final result. This is because the color is in BOTH the epidermis and the dermis. The color in the top layer will flake off during the healing process.

Will it hurt?

New topical anesthetics have been developed especially for permanent makeup. These creams and gels are applied to the desired area before and during the procedure to assure you of the most comfortable experience possible. Some people describe the sensation as a "tingling" feeling. Some people experience minor discomfort. Some clients even fall asleep. It is common to hear that there was not as much pain as was expected. As the anesthetic wears off after the procedure, cool packs are very soothing to the area.


How long is the recovery?

You'll look like you've had a good cry for several hours following an eyeliner procedure. It is advised to apply ice for 10 minutes at a time during the first few hours. Also, it is important to wear sunglasses, as your eyes may be temporarily sensitive to light. Eyebrow procedures have the least swelling. Each client is provided with grapeseed oil for aftercare and written instructions. The grapeseed ointment should be applied very thinly. Less is better! It is recommended to have your touch-up appointment 4 to 6 weeks following your original procedure. The success of the procedure depends on YOUR aftercare. It is important that you do not workout the day of the procedure. NO direct or indirect sun, No tanning beds, No tanned skin 30 days PRIOR and AFTER the procedure. NO Retinols on the forehead or around the eyes for 30 days after the procedure. NO sweating for 10 days after the procedure. NO saltwater or chorine water for 30 days after the procedure. ALL SHOULD BE AVOIDED DURING THE HEALING PROCESS IN ORDER FOR THE PROCEDURE TO BE SUCCESSFUL! REMEMBER, YOU ARE INVESTING IN YOURSELF, SO PLAN ACCORDINGLY!