Natalia has always been passionate about beauty and helping women and men reach their desired look. At a young age, she was fascinated and intrigued by the work of plastic surgeons, but became more interested in finding alternative measures to help people bring out their inner beauty without the high cost and discomfort of surgery. Her goal has always been to bring out a person’s beauty in a naturalistic and pure manner. This is why she became a master artist of permanent makeup, as well as a licensed esthetician. She has had the opportunity to work and train with innovative and well-known permanent makeup artists from around the world such as: Vicky Martin (UK), Anna Savina (Russia), Nataliya Yeremenko (Ukraine), Mary Ritcherson (USA), Teryn Darling (USA), Marjorie Grimm (USA), Irina Maximova (Russia), Natalya Zhbanova (Russia), and Veera Gorlatova (Estonia). In addition, she completed a Master Eyebrow Hairstroke training in Dublin, Ireland with Mary Ritcherson. Lastly, she completed a Master Class on Microblading with Branko Babic (Servia) in Miami, Florida.


Natalia holds the highest standards in the industry with regard to care and cleanliness. Her facility is conveniently located in Parsippany, New Jersey and is Department of Health compliant and inspected. She uses sterile disposable items and nothing is ever reused. Additionally, she only uses the finest permanent makeup products and pigments.


Her true artistic ability is shown in all of her work. If she is not conducting a permanent make up procedure, she is performing a skin rejuvenation treatment. Natalia truly loves what she does! She states that there is no better feeling than seeing her clients smile and tell her that she has changed their appearance for the better.


She conducts free consultations and will answer any questions or concerns you may have in regard to procedures. Her patience and calm demeanor puts clients at ease. She treats each client with the care, attention and passion they deserve.


Natalia feels that it is essential and vital to continue her education and attend classes to grow, enhance, and fine-tune her practice. She is a life long learner and is constantly seeking ways to increase her knowledge base in the latest advances and techniques in the field of Permanent Cosmetics and Skin Rejuvenation.

Natalia  Schweitzer