The Natural Facelift














As we age, our body loses much of its natural electrical energy, much like a battery gradually losing its charge. On a cellular level, this leads to a breakdown of collagen and elastin in our skin, which leads to sagging and unevenness of texture, lines, wrinkles, folds, and puffiness. Beneath the skin, the facial muscles become increasingly contracted over years of facial expression and constant gravity, allowing the overall lift of our face to decline.


The Natural Facelift:


  • Revitalizes, tones, and tightens the skin by making it softer, smoother and younger looking.

  • Tightens sagging jowls, double chins, and jaw line.

  • Reduces puffiness under eyes and black circles.

  • Re-educates muscles in the face and body.

  • Visible results upon your first visit.


During treatment, microcurrent emits subtle electrical frequencies that mimic the body’s own electrical signals, which increase the amount of ATP (adenosine triphosphate, the chemical fuel of human cells) by as much as 500%. Such increased levels of ATP re-educate facial muscles, lifting features, as well as the reconstitution of collagen and elastin.The result – a younger you! Looking younger has never been so easy or so affordable! See the results for yourself, call today to schedule an appointment.